To use Pagenii offline on your laptop or desktop computer, you can use Pagenii+. It can do everything that Pagenii can do and more: For your convenience, Pagenii+ can store information (names, keys and character sets) about your credentials in a file. This can be handy when managing many passwords with Pagenii and having trouble remembering the names, keys and character sets for each of them. However, this convenience comes at the cost of possibly reduced security, depending on how you store this file.


John creates a new or opens an existing file for using with Pagenii+.


John clicks the '+' button to store the details he needs for the password of his Facebook account in his Pagenii+ file.


He can use the search field to find the details he is looking for. Names, keys, character sets and length entries can be searched for.


John clicks on the corresponding button in the list on the left to restore these details. A master password still needs to be provided.


He may also click on the little cross in the top left to remove these details from his file.

OS / Platform
Download link
Download size
Linux® (Debian based)PageniiPlus_0.4.9_amd64.deb29 MiB
Mac®PageniiPlus-0.4.9.dmg35 MiB
Windows®PageniiPlus Setup 0.4.8.exe32 MiB

The file is encrypted

Pagenii+ uses strong, industry-standard encryption: AES with keys of size 256bit. Because of that, you can decrypt the file yourself without using Pagenii+. OpenSSL is available for many operating systems and may already be installed on your computer. You can use OpenSSL from the command line to decrypt your Pagenii+ file:

openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -in path/to/MyPageniiPlus.file

Pagenii+ can also export a file as plain text. This way you can keep an unencrypted backup copy and even print it on paper. If you open such an unencrypted file with Pagenii+ it will ask you for a file password and immediately encrypt this file. We advise to not store an unencrypted Pagenii+ file in the cloud. Use a strong password for your file and make sure you don't forget it. There is no practical way to decrypt the file without the password.

Installation and uninstallation of Pagenii+

Linux: To install Pagenii+, download the app via the links above, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the prompts. To uninstall it, you can use: sudo apt-get remove pageniiplus

MacOS: To install Pagenii+, download the app via the links above and double-click on the downloaded file. Drag the app into your 'Application' folder. Upon first run of Pagenii+, MacOS may refuse to execute it, because your 'Security & Privacy' settings do not allow apps from 'Anywhere'. Change these settings to run Pagenii+. To uninstall Pagenii+, navigate to your 'Applications' folder (e.g. using 'Finder'). There you can select 'PageniiPlus' and move it to the trash.

Windows: To install Pagenii+, download the app via the links above and double-click on the downloaded file. Windows 'SmartScreen' may refuse to run Pagenii+ at first. Click on 'More info' and then 'Run anyway'. To uninstall, open the 'Control Panel', select 'Uninstall a program', select and right-click 'PageniiPlus' and choose to 'Uninstall'.